Relationships are everything.

OUR STORY: Cultivating Relationships

Maraia & Associates is an elite professional coaching firm providing business development training for accountants and attorneys. Our method is based on the value of building client relationships. Our extensive experience in relationship management enables our specialists predict how professionals think about business development and understand how clients make buying decisions.

The Maraia Method® applied to every phone call and meeting, offers a fresh outlook and new practices resulting in strong client relationships, improved client retention, increased growth and revenue and a satisfying collaborative work environment for your professionals.

OUR MISSION : Coaching you to success

It is our mission to help you transform your practice into one that attracts more clients, generates more revenue and ultimately gives you more satisfaction from your daily client interactions.

Working from the rainmaking mindset, your professionals will create new work habits that translate into revenue growth, more clients and deepened relationships with existing clients. Your team will benefit by working together as part of the relationship based practice, increasing collaborative cross-selling and improving client service.

Whether you practice in the AM Law 100 or a boutique firm, Maraia & Associates can craft a customized program to embed the Rainmaking Mindset in your firm’s culture.

What Is The Rainmaking Mindset?

Transforming your firm’s culture into one where every professional knows how to build relationships with prospective clients.

Keeping your partners engaged, energized and motivated to build relationships.

Working just beyond your comfort zone without fear, uncertainty and doubt.

The Maraia Method

The Maraia Method® is a both a process for improving selling and networking behaviors via the deepening of relationships and a coaching process designed to ensure those behaviors last.

Rainmaker Toolbox Workshops

When You Have the Right Tools! Our Rainmaker’s Toolbox will give you an indispensable set of tools you can use to build a successful practice.

Call To Action Workshop

We provide specific, detailed steps your professionals can use to create and deepen relationships within their existing and expanding networks.

At Maraia & Associates

We believe that Relationships Are Everything

In fact we even wrote a book about it. For over 20 years, we’ve been helping attorneys and other professionals improve their selling and networking behaviors by learning how to deepen relationships. And our coaching process is designed to ensure those behaviors take root and flourish.


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Mark Maraia

The author of two acclaimed business development books, Rainmaking Made Simple and Relationships Are Everything, Mark is an accomplished relationship development coach with two decades of experience and a global following among the world’s leading professional service firms. I believe that if you want to change the world, the only way to do that is ONE RELATIONSHIP AT A TIME.I founded my own training and coaching firm two decades ago with the fervent belief that every relationship in your life is a classroom. If you pay attention to those relationships and view them as learning opportunities, you can learn enormous amounts about yourself and how to grow your business. And you can even derive fun and enjoyment from the process! Relationships are everything to me and that’s why I operate with the belief that “everyone loves relationships – they just don’t know it yet!” Indeed rainmakers enjoy high levels of relationship literacy while the average professional does not.

Together with our team of exceptional coaches, Mark and Maraia & Associates can help you forge a relationship with the Rainmaker that exists inside of you!


“When I sought personal coaching, I chose Mark Maraia, who dramatically transformed my thinking (and actions) about how good relationships lead to true progress in business and professional development. Mark focuses on the inner work necessary for professionals to transcend reluctance about sales and marketing, and about the importance of genuine relationships with clients and colleagues. His books, “Rainmaking Made Simple” and “Relationships Are Everything!,” as well as his “Maraia Minutes” newsletter are frequent sources of topics for business development meetings at Womble Carlyle. Viewing the world from the perspective of a trained lawyer, he is able to translate business development concepts into language and easy-to-implement steps that help transform good lawyers into trusted advisers and rainmakers.”

 Steve Bell

Chief Client Development Officer, Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice PLLC

My first exposure to the Maraia Method® seven years ago helped me become a top rainmaker in my firm. It took on even deeper meaning and value when I went in house for 3 years because it had an enormous impact on all my relationships with the senior executive team and board members. Now that I’m back in private practice, I’m teaching it to my junior partners. I can’t say enough about it’s impact on my career. It’s been transformational.Christopher J. Zinski

Partner, Schiff Hardin LLP

Mark and his team excel at presenting a variety of ideas and letting each attorney choose what works for his or her personality and strengths. This tailored approach resonates with a lot of individuals and has added a dose of energy into our business development efforts; for the first time, some partners have discovered that business development can actually be fun.Katherine Hollar

Chief Marketing Officer, LATHROP GAGE LLP