At Maraia & Associates,
we believe that Relationships
Are Everything

We even wrote a book about it. For over 20 years, we’ve been helping attorneys and other professionals improve their selling and networking behaviors by learning how to deepen relationships. And our coaching process is designed to ensure those behaviors take root and flourish.

Would you like to leverage our 20 years of coaching experience to learn the practical tools you need to master the relationship fundamentals of growing your practice in today’s increasingly competitive legal landscape? Law school teaches you how to do legal work, not how to get that work in the first place—but we can! At Maraia & Associates, we can show you how to increase the quality and size of your network and increase your business…and have fun while doing it!

Workshops and Seminars

In our workshops and coaching sessions, we demystify the process of building client relationships for attorneys, accountants and other professionals, making it simple to grasp and easy to retain and put into practice. We specialize in creating fully-customizable programs for individuals, practice groups and entire firms that are ready to move their practice to the next level.

Here are a couple of examples:

Call to Action Workshop

Embed a Rainmaker Mindset in Every Professional! We provide specific, detailed steps your professionals can use to create and deepen relationships within their existing network, expand their network and create systems for personal accountability in their business development endeavors. Learn not only what you should be doing, but exactly how to do it in a practical, useful way validated through thousands of hours of coaching experience.

Rainmaker's Toolbox Workshop

Rainmaking Made Simple, When You Have the Right Tools! Our Rainmaker’s Toolbox will give you an indispensable set of tools you can use to build a successful practice. Learn how to network with a specific goal in mind, how to reconnect with past clients without feeling awkward or contrived, how to avoid random acts of lunch and how to collaborate with other professionals to build a satisfying and successful practice.

Boost performance and get the highest ROI from those who take a workshop with one-on-one or group coaching after the workshop. Our coaches deliver personalized coaching and accountability to ensure each participant understands and embodies the rainmaker mindset in all aspects of their practice.

Coaching: Fast Track to Rainmaking Success!

Work directly with an experienced coach to develop and deploy the skills of a rainmaker in an informative and supportive relationship. Address specific needs in your practice or focus on learning how to master relationship fundamentals—we will develop a customized plan for you that ensures you have all the tools you need to reach your goals and we’ll be there with you every accountable step of the way.

Let’s Start A Relationship.

Contact us today so we can start a relationship focused on making you a successful rainmaker!

Ask one of our Coaches: Have a specific question on how you can improve your rainmaking skills, build your network or grow your practice?

Ask us now and we’d love to help!

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Mark Maraia

The author of two acclaimed business development books, Rainmaking Made Simple and Relationships Are Everything, Mark is an accomplished relationship development coach with two decades of experience and a global following among the world’s leading professional service firms. “I believe that if you want to change the world, the only way to do that is ONE RELATIONSHIP AT A TIME. I founded my own training and coaching firm two decades ago with the fervent belief that every relationship in your life is a classroom. If you pay attention to those relationships and view them as learning opportunities, you can learn enormous amounts about yourself and how to grow your business. And you can even derive fun and enjoyment from the process! Relationships are everything to me and that's why I operate with the belief that "everyone loves relationships - they just don't know it yet!" Indeed rainmakers enjoy high levels of relationship literacy while the average professional does not.”

Together with his team of exceptional coaches, Mark can help you forge a relationship with the Rainmaker that exists inside of you!