Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That: Why Random Acts of Lunch Are the Worst Thing You Could Do

A Random Act of Lunch is an oft-committed offense, engaged in by both seasoned and amateur Rainmakers who have been led to think that taking a prospective client to lunch is a win in the business development column. Learn how to convert Random Act of Lunch into a Successful Act of Lunch by taking the time to prepare for your lunch meeting (or any marketing meeting) and being clear on why you’re meeting with the client, knowing what their needs are and how you’ll proceed after the meeting to win the business.

How Well Do You Know Your Client?

“Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.” Henry David Thoreau Believe it or not, most lawyers, when left to their own devices, tend to practice law. In fact, many lawyers spend their entire careers practicing law....

Metrics: The Simple Way to Rainmaking Success

[box] A question we got from a client recently was this: “I’m slated to speak at a roundtable on a new topic that I’m excited about (even though it’s not really my current area of expertise), but one of my bigger clients just invited me to a dinner with their new VP...

Think Like a Rainmaker to Drive Revenue Growth

What’s Your Revenue Growth Strategy? Think Like a Rainmaker to Drive Revenue Growth Lawyers and other professionals often get caught up in thinking there is really only one way to increase revenue: work harder. We debunked this idea in our last newsletter by delving...

Can Millennials Be Rainmakers?

Millennials can be Rainmakers with the right training to develop long-term career-enhancing relationship development skills.

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