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We believe that Relationships Are Everything

In fact we even wrote a book about it. For over 20 years, we’ve been helping attorneys and other professionals improve their selling and networking behaviors by learning how to deepen relationships. And our coaching process is designed to ensure those behaviors take root and flourish.

Rainmaking Made Simple

Rainmaking Made Simple: What Every Professional Must Know is the definitive how-to guide for professionals on growing their business. It demystifies the process of building client relationships, making it simple to grasp, retain, and put into practice.


Relationships Are Everything

Relationships Are Everything! picks up where Mark Maraia s first book, Rainmaking Made Simple, left off. The author is on a mission to increase relationship literacy in the business world. He knows firsthand what works and freely shares those insights, which have been successfully tested in the real world. His message is simple: When you transform your relationships, you transform your practice and its profits. Relationships Are Everything! is written in a way that is short on theory and long on practical ideas that can be successfully put into practice today, and will instantly energize the relationship-building efforts of both the novice and the expert. Each chapter is a veritable checklist on how to turn ordinary situations into rainmaking opportunities. The book is filled with many practical ideas, and one reading won t be enough. It will become your desk reference for situations you will face over and over again.