Transforming and growing your practice doesn’t happen by accident—and neither does becoming a Rainmaker. It requires training and practice, learning and applying the relationship building skills Rainmakers use every day to bring in more clients. With One-on-One and Group Coaching, becoming a Rainmaker is easier than you ever thought.

One-on-One with The Maraia Method®

When you’re ready to take the next steps to develop both the skills and the detailed plan necessary to take your business development activities into Rainmaker territory, it’s time to bring in the experts.  It’s time for Maraia Method® Coaching—the premier business relationships coaching service.

With more than 20 years of business development coaching experience, we know exactly what works to help you become a true Rainmaker. You receive individual instruction by our elite coaches in sessions designed to empower you and unlock your inner Rainmaker. Employing the fundamentals from Rainmaking Made Simple and Relationships Are Everything by Mark Maraia, our coaches can guide you to tap into your strengths and passions to grow your practice in a structured, successful and satisfying way. Having a Maraia Method® Coach is like having your own experienced mentor dedicated to helping you learn how to create excellence in your client relationships and working with you to develop:

  • A detailed business development strategy focusing on your individual strengths and goals with specific action steps to increase your client interactions
  • A toolbox of skills designed for relationship building
  • Accountability for executing your rainmaking action steps
  • Motivation and support to continue to grow outside of your comfort-zone
  • A specific Business Development Plan systematically applied to generate measurable results.

Maraia & Associates: your personal business development team, dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Group and Firm Coaching—Developing the Rainmaking Potential of Your Entire Team

Imagine the potential if every member of your practice adopted a Rainmaker Mindset.

Our team of experienced coaches can guide your team to approach every business development opportunity from the perspective of connection and relationship building.  With the dynamic synergy of a group format, our coaches share the Maraia Method® system of practical tools and techniques with your team that they can immediately implement to begin reaping the rewards of a proven approach to business development.

We have coached practice groups, teams of lawyers within a firm and entire firms in the fields of law, accounting and business.  Our group coaching curriculum is designed to teach every member of the team how to focus on building and deepening relationships, work collaboratively and engineer excellence in your clients’ experiences with you and in your experiences working with one another.  As in our One-on-One Coaching sessions, our team of experienced professionals will leverage our 20+ years of honing the Maraia Method® to develop the Rainmaking Potential of every member of your team.

“Relationships Are Everything!,” as well as his “Maraia Minutes” newsletter are frequent sources of topics for business development meetings at Womble Carlyle. Viewing the world from the perspective of a trained lawyer, he is able to translate business development concepts into language and easy-to-implement steps that help transform good lawyers into trusted advisers and rainmakers.”

Steve Bell

Chief Client Development Officer, Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice PLLC

My first exposure to the Maraia Method® seven years ago helped me become a top rainmaker in my firm. It took on even deeper meaning and value when I went in house for 3 years because it had an enormous impact on all my relationships with the senior executive team and board members. Now that I’m back in private practice, I’m teaching it to my junior partners. I can’t say enough about its impact on my career. It’s been transformational.

Christopher J. Zinski

Partner, Schiff Hardin LLP

Mark and his team excel at presenting a variety of ideas and letting each attorney choose what works for his or her personality and strengths. This tailored approach resonates with a lot of individuals and has added a dose of energy into our business development efforts; for the first time, some partners have discovered that business development can actually be fun.

Katherine Hollar

Chief Marketing Officer, LATHROP GAGE LLP