“Overall, wonderful and compelling and I look forward to a lasting relationship as we are guided into Rainmaking.”

-Alex Fleming, Crozier & Associates, Consulting Engineers

Rainmaker’s Toolbox Workshop

Rainmaking Made Simple…When You Have the Right Tools!

Our Rainmaker’s Toolbox workshop provides an indispensable set of tools you can use to build a successful practice. This workshop focuses on the tools successful Rainmakers use to develop and deepen professional relationships in order to generate greater revenue and work satisfaction. Coupled with group or individual coaching after the workshop, the Rainmaker’s Toolbox is an exceptionally effective program to embed the Rainmaking Mindset in your team.

Our coaches deliver a comprehensive and interactive workshop on-site, teaching your professionals such techniques as:

  • how to network with a specific goal in mind
  • how to reconnect with past clients without feeling awkward or contrived
  • how to avoid “random acts of lunch”
  • how to collaborate with other professionals to build a satisfying and successful practice

Your professionals will leave with the mindset and strategies necessary to incorporate rainmaking into the way you do business.  They will walk away with a renewed focus on collaboration and connection in the way they communicate both internally and with prospects and clients.

Call to Action Workshop

Embed a Rainmaker Mindset in Every Professional!

Our Call to Action Workshop provides specific, detailed steps your professionals can use to build and deepen relationships within their existing network, expand their network and create systems for personal accountability in their business development.  Learn not only what you should be doing, but exactly how to do it in a practical, useful way that has been validated through thousands of hours of our coaching experience.

Motivating.  Empowering.  Practical.  Every participant in our Call to Action Workshop is taught and commits to taking specific action steps unique to his or her practice that immediately results in deeper professional relationships with target clients.

Your professionals will leave with field-tested tools proven by over 20 years of coaching Rainmakers to reach their full potential and a set of actionable steps to improve their success in networking.  Using the Maraia Method®, every participant will learn how to unlock the power of relationship building to become true Rainmakers in their everyday practice.

At our Call to Action Workshop, you will:

  • Learn specific and practical tips and techniques
  • Complete our Call to Action Worksheet during the workshop which becomes your instant Business Development Plan to put into action that same day!
  • Enjoy a fast-paced and results-oriented session focused on getting you to think and ACT like a Rainmaker before you even walk out the door.

Imagine: 25 participants each take 5 Action Steps and your firm IMMEDIATELY reaps the benefit of 125 NEW CLIENT CONTACTS!!  That’s the power of a Maraia & Associates® Call to Action Workshop 

Rainmaking Made Simple: Productization

Learn the Steps to Productize and Market a Service

-The process of making a service that is hard to sell and turning it into a product that is easier to package, market and sell.
-The innovative way to make it easier for clients to do business with you.

Why Productize?

Today’s clients don’t have legal issues, they have business issues they need solved. They seek value, but see price. Clients want:

  • Price certainty to build budgets around
  • Solutions to business issues, not processes to solve legal problems

Lawyers today need to find ways to break free from the billable hour and distinguish themselves in a competitive marketplace. Productization provides:

  • Flat-fee pricing that is profitable and predictable
  • Competitive Advantage through subject matter expertise, innovation and approachability

Productization enables attorneys to speak the language of the C-Suite, packaging bundled turnkey solutions that address client needs in predictable and easy to purchase ways.

Make it easier for clients to do business with you by productizing your services.

Productization Made Simple

In an interactive 3 hour workshop or series of intensive coaching sessions, we will teach you how to Productize a service and ready it for market.  Learn how to:

  • Identify a service or bundle of services that is ideal for productization in your field or geographic area
  • Determine appropriate pricing models
  • Develop a marketing plan that focuses on target clients, internal buy in and step by step strategies to connect with potential clients
  • Define the scope, features, parameters and stakeholders for your Product

Productization puts you on the leading-edge of innovation and competitiveness.  Escape the billable hour, increase your pool of potential clients and with over 20 years of experience helping lawyers become great rainmakers, Maraia & Associates is a leader in business development training and coaching. Let us help you take your  practice to the next level with Rainmaking Made Simple: Productization.

Custom Rainmaking Workshops

Drawing on over two decades of experience in business development coaching, we will design a program for your professionals that is specific to your firm’s unique potential and the challenges facing your practice.  Our coaches are master facilitators, who use practical, real-life examples and exercises to amplify the messages and themes of your firm’s gathering.

Some custom workshops we’ve presented in the past include:

  • Rainmaker’s Roundtable: teaching your top business getters how to increase their practice and have more fun in the process with advanced selling and networking tools and techniques shared in roundtable format
  • Rainmaking for Associates: teaching your associates what they should be doing NOW to increase the size and the quality of their network in the FUTURE
  • Leading Your Practice Group One Relationship at a Time: providing firm and practice group leaders with the practical tools they need to master the relationship fundamentals of growing a firm, business unit or practice group

Level UP Any Workshop

with One-on-One or Group Coaching

Boost performance and get the highest ROI from those who take a workshop with one-on-one or group coaching after the workshop. Our coaches deliver personalized support and provide accountability to ensure each participant understands and embodies the Rainmaker Mindset in all aspects of their practice.

Rainmakers Book Club

Explore the highly effective business development tools of relationship building covered in Rainmaking Made Simple and our popular Call to Action Workshop in an interactive, small group format.

Skills Development

A great introduction to the Maraia Method® designed to get everyone Thinking Like A Rainmaker.  Is this your firm’s introduction to Rainmaking or do you have experienced Rainmakers who need to delve deeper into the Rainmaking Toolbox?  We can customize the bookclub to meet your needs.

Practical and Effective

Reading assignments and worksheets designed to ensure complete mastery of the subject matter Participants leave the session with a de facto business plan for the coming year Collaborative and supportive structure to foster continued skills development even after the webinar is over


  • Webinar – bring together professionals from different offices with no travel expenses!
  • Small groups (8-12 ppl)
  • Participants can dial in from their desk or on the road, making access to training easy
  • 50 minute sessions minimize disruption to the workday and maximize engagement making each session efficient and effective