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Owen Fonorow Vitamin C Series:

Chapter 1 – Holy Mother of God! The Orchestrated Propaganda Campaign to Kill Americans

Chapter 2 – The Secret Being Kept From Every American – Vitamin C Cures

Chapter 3 – The War Between Truth and Medicine – Vitamin C Cures


Nutrients you need:



Making your own Vitamin C Made Simple. Four ingredients with naturally high amounts of Vitamin C: rosehip powder, acerola berry powder, orange peel powder and amla powder; just add honey!

How to make natural Vitamin C pills. 


Dr. Victor Herbert, one of the compilers of the [quack] list, is owed a debt of gratitude. If it weren’t for him, Linus Pauling may not have written his first book about Vitamin C. Here’s a link to Linus Pauling In His Own Words.


Sweden is one of the few countries in the world with a sane approach to COVID 19. In effect, they are urging those who have symptoms to stay home, kids are a low risk group so they can go to school, and those over 70 are urged to stay home. All this WITHOUT Vitamin C as treatment protocol. Read more: Coronavirus: Sweden defends no-lockdown plan, says immunity spreading


Journal of Applied Nutrition Vol. 23, No’s 3 & 4, Winter 1971

Observations On the Dose and Administration of Ascorbic Acid When Employed Beyond the Range of A Vitamin in Human Pathology: Dr. Klenner and Vitamin C


Columbia University professor Claus Jungeblut, M.D, published a series of papers showing vitamin C to be effective against polio. They appeared in the Journal of Experimental Medicine starting in 1935. Those intrigued by this statement can read [this] paper about Dr. Jungeblut’s pioneering work at: Claus W. Jungeblut. Dr. Jungeblut said, “Vitamin C can truthfully be designated as the antitoxic and antiviral vitamin.”


Social distancing is an elitist solution to the COVID 19 problem. Read more.


The problem isn’t the germ. The problem is our response to the germ. Read this Nigerian woman’s perspective, that many poor Americans will relate to: Why social distancing won’t work for us

The Slow Food international movement officially began when delegates from 15 countries endorsed this manifesto, written by founding member Folco Portinari, on December 10, 1989. Our defense should begin at the table with Slow Food. To read more visit: Sign the Manifesto • Slow Food USA.


Why France has 4 times as many coronavirus deaths as Germany

Germany followed the playbook for saving lives. France didn’t. Read in Vox.


Riordan Clinic letter from CEO & Chief Medical OfficerCOVID-19: News & Updates


Incredible resources from the COVID-19 Functional Medicine Resources found hereCOVID-19 Functional Medicine Resources


Check out this 18 page document outlining detailed therapeutic agents (12 in total) that may be used to treat COVID 19. The article is called The Functional Medicine Approach to COVID-19: Virus-Specific Nutraceutical and Botanical Agents and can be found at: The Functional Medicine Approach to COVID-19: Virus-Specific Nutraceutical and Botanical Agents


Check out this 8 minute detailed video meant for clinicians on why people die from COVID 19: Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) Updates For Clinicians. ARDS and pneumonia are the two chief avenues.


Videos on Antioxidants:

Antioxidants – vs – Free Radicals – Immune System


California’s Roadmap to Modify the Stay-at-Home Order


Why do Chinese health authorities not know that we’ve already got enough research? Why does the World Health Organization (WHO), with its vast resources and expertise, dither on this issue? Vitamin C is cheap, harmless, and widely available — any pharmacy can make an IVC solution. IVC has been proven effective in reducing mortality from viral infections. Not to provide it to COVID-19 patients is akin to medical murder: Dr. Gifford-Jones: More research is killing COVID-19 victims


Let’s not forget our farmers and gardeners are the true first responders in a pandemic. There are writers who contend this pandemic is the result of not caring for earth’s immune system properly for the past 100 years.  To read more visit: https://mronline.org/2020/03/29/ecosocialism-or-barbarism-an-interview-with-ian-angus/


Good news. More countries are starting to test for antibodies. Serological tests. Coronavirus: Tiny Iceland has a lot of big COVID-19 data


This article goes into nice detail on testing for antibodies. There are three types. Are there mass collaborations underway between countries? Will an Antibody Test Allow Us to Go Back to School or Work?

Most of the antibody tests being developed offer a simple yes-no answer to the question of who has antibodies, and who was exposed to the virus. But simply having antibodies is no guarantee of immunity. To read more visit: Stanford Scientists Create COVID-19 Antibody Test Which Could Help Alleviate Shelter-in-Place Orders


Orthomolecular Medicine News Service: TONS OF VITAMIN C TO WUHAN: China Using Vitamin C Against COVID

In addition, here are several information packed websites if you want to learn more about high dose Vitamin C as an immune boosting activity to fend off COVID 19. You can read more here: Orthomolecular News


Published Research and Articles on Vitamin C: Coronavirus COVID-19


Industry offers insight into Vitamin C supply chain: Industry offers insight into vitamin C supply chain


Vitamin C makes these legal cases & argument seem absurd. Read more here.


Ty Bollinger, author of The Truth About Cancer, did a series on vaccines: Episode 1


Protocal for Clinicians: Read more here.


A website that is PACKED with information is https://doctoryourself.com. You can spend hours on them and you will be amazed at what you find on nutrition therapy for treating many health conditions.

More resources: heartcure.info & http://www.paulingtherapy.com


As Klenner (1974) said: “Ascorbic acid [vitamin C] is the safest and the most valuable substance available to the physician. Many headaches and many heartaches will be avoided with its proper use.” To read more visit here. 

It contains a link to this video from critical care doctors who are on the frontlines treating COVID 19: https://covid19criticalcare.com


 If you have a sense of humor: Bill Maher Bravely Tells America Not to Be Afraid of Germs — While Quarantined in His Back Yard


Mindset Matters: Attitudinal Healing and COVID-19


“If giving the plasma sooner helps.” I can save them lots of money and time. The answer is of course it does. Read the article here.  


Articles on Vitamin C

Articles on Food As Medicine

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