You Are The Cure Podcast


You Are The Cure is a podcast series presented by Mark Maraia. The podcast will focus primarily on raising awareness of the value of improving and strengthening people’s immune systems. Mark has been educating people about the value of our immune systems and helping them take control of their own health for over 20 years. Unfortunately, it took the COVID-19 virus pandemic to get people to start listening to him. But, as you’ll see, we’ll make the most of that opportunity by helping you through this situation and then building your immune system to it maximum power going forward.

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The Vitamin C Solution

Tertiary Care (what is commonly called “Primary Care”) -Treat symptoms, Flatten the Curve, Western Medicine.Secondary Care- Reverse symptoms, Reduce the Curve, Rest, Water, SleepPrimary Care- Avoid symptoms, Eliminate the Curve, Strengthen the Immune S…

The Vitamin C Experiment

List of Chinese studies that Vitamin C is helping against Coronavirus.Why can’t/won’t US learn from other countries?Vitamin C not only minimizes disease, it can prevent disease.Understanding the battle between antioxidants and free radicals.

The Vitamin C Blindspot

The media, government, and big pharma are all creating blindspots to the value of Vitamin C during the Coronavirus pandemic. The sooner we remove those blindspots, the sooner we can improve the economy.Thereby improving the economic impact.High dose V…

The Patient Journey

We are talking about the Patient Journey through the healthcare system. What were you doing prior to the Coronavirus pandemic?What are you doing during the Coronavirus pandemic?How can you improve you Patient Journey after the pandemic?

Introduction to “You Are the Cure”

Goal of Podcast series is to reduce fear on CoronavirusWe hope shed light on big government, big corporations, and big health care inadequacyWe are facing crises in both healthcare and the economyWhat can you do now?  Strengthen your immune system wit…