Dear friends and colleagues,

As we geared up for March Madness little did we know that phrase would take on a whole new meaning. Instead of great plays, buzzer beaters and upsets we have COVID 19, social distancing, face masks, toilet paper hoarding and the best and worst of what the human condition can offer. While our leaders offer no unified response to the pandemic or hope, let me be the first to offer a strategy that makes sense. I’d say “don’t panic,” but that horse has long since left the barn. 

My advice to you is simple. Stay right minded and curious – which is a good practice whether or not the economy is going great or has seized completely. Mentally prepare yourself for an entirely new way of being. Be open to those people who need help. As someone who takes great pride in his Italian heritage, I was encouraged to read this by author Alice Sears:

“In Italy, children stuck at home have been drawing signs with the words “Everything will be fine” and hanging them from windows all across the country. For a society as communal and physical in its affections as Italy, social distancing has been an extraordinary blow. And yet even with people locked up in their homes away from family and neighbors, a strong sense of solidarity has emerged. Italians know they’ll get through this because they have each other’s back.”

Can we Americans say the same?  If you were to hang a sign on YOUR window what would it say? What is a contribution you could be making to your community? Maybe it’s a selfless act that will bring a smile to someone’s face.

I humbly suggest you defend the most important player in all of this: your immune system (and that of your family). This means getting plenty of liposomal vitamin c, eating for nutrition, getting plenty of rest, drinking plenty of water, taking deep breaths, steaming your nasal passages, and reducing the amount of cortisol being produced in your family.

If you would like to learn more about these suggestions, or would simply like to reconnect, please call or write.

We’ll get through this together or not at all.

All of my healing thoughts,

Mark Maraia